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“There are thousands of causes for stress, and one antidote to stress is self-expression. That's what happens to me every day. My thoughts get off my chest, down my sleeves and onto my pad.”

~ Garson Kanin

Primary School Building

Primary School Building

After my first lesson today, I rushed to meet the people who were supposed to give me a wardrobe. I'm not the slightest embarrassed to admit that I thought "I hope it's a magic wardrobe that takes me to Narnia". I ran up to my room to get my phone, which I had forgotten to bring with me that morning. No missed calls. I felt a strange mix of relief and disappointment. Went down again to wait.

Nobody was there when I came to stand by the door of my "new" room. I thought "Maybe I'm early", but it was already a few minutes past nine. I waited for 20 minutes before I texted the teacher who told me to do this, "I have to work, please call me when they get here" I went up to my room to work. After a short while I hear loud voices coming from the first floor. I went out to see a group of men gathered outside the door of my "new" room. I ran down. There was no sign of wardrobe. "No Narnia, then" I thought with a sigh. They were standing around a large, white, cylindrical thing. And there were tubes too. No, it wasn't some kind of machine you find in hospitals, to keep me alive in that room for two weeks... It was a water heater. They were installing a "shower". I found it ridiculous to do something like that in that ugly, moldy place of a bathroom. Instead of just standing there awkwardly, flipping though my dictionary in search for some words to say, I went back up and checked the room after they'd left (When I did this I was supposed to be on my way to the office. I had no lessons, but I'm forced to go although I can't do anything there...) Or else they won't pay me. (they've threatened with this).. I texted one of my contact teachers and told her I couldn't come because I had to waste time trying to clean the place before I can move in. She didn't answer, hopefully I didn't piss her off.

So instead of going to the office (which was pointless) I pulled out my recently purchased yellow household gloves! (I felt like Dexter's mum from "Dexter's Laboratory") And I could feel a germophobic tingle in my fingers when I wore them. I attacked the dirt! I imagine it was quite the sight. I scrubbed the filthy walls bare in the bathroom and the squat toilet too (couldn't get it completely clean...my inner germophobe screamed in agony because of this) The latter was completely covered in grime, dirt and unmentionable things. The "shower" came in handy. (basically a short tube with a loose shower head- it fell of multiple times) I got soaked, but something in me really wanted to clean that nasty place- I think it was some sort of outburst of bottled up anger over the past week.

In the end I could actually see the squat toilet, not just a dark spot. Under the sink was a collection of cocoons, let's just say, those cocoons are no more. I had to sweep the floor again (Amanda swept some when I first entered the room a week ago) The crunching sound of dead flies under your shoes...not very nice. A foreign teacher spotted me through the wide open door (had lot let some sunshine in that gloomy place) I have run into him before, but I don't think he remembers me. He's American and his name is Damien (I think?) He also lives on the 7th floor and has to move too. He looked past me, in the awful room and said "Isn't this crazy?! Moving in the middle of term!" He was also upset that this stupid thing took up time he would've spent planning. "Teaching's obviously not the priority here" he said. He'd tried to make them decide to renovate later, but the principal at his department (IB World School- also Amanda's department) said he had no power over the decision being made. It's strange because Damien's room is already a double. The difference is visible from the outside, it seems like they didn't finish the renovation the first time around. Some rooms have windows in front of the balconies, while others doesn't (like mine). So, his room is already a double- but he still has to move because they're putting up a wall to make it a more "western styled apartment"... *sigh* (This is CHINAA!)

I'm going to Hong Kong this weekend! I decided today, which I realize was a little late. I will probably join Amanda and Aline. Some other people from other places are going too- and that is what made me want to go now. Everyone has booked hostels, except for indecisive, little me. Amanda and Therese (whom I'm meeting in HK) both told me that they'll give me the names of their hostels, so I can book. Hopefully I can live at the same place as someone else. I don't feel like getting lost in HK by myself, although I'm sure HK is a perfectly fine place to get lost in.

My 'old' room

My 'old' room

This is my room
My 'new' room 2

My 'new' room 2

"My new room"
My new room

My new room

"My new room"

So I have loads of stuff to do...
1. I have to pack all my thingsso I can move out after lunch tomorrow
2. Pack for HK
3. Plan lessons for next week (hard one as I don't have internet in new room or in office... I'll have to confront them again)
4. Plan lessons for tomorrow (unexpected because I have my Monday classes tomorrow all of a sudden!)

Saturday has my one Friday lesson- that's already planned, so that's one less thing to worry about.

I still have to pack and plan my lessons, it's getting late! I'm thinking I have to go to bed late and get up really, really early. Shame that my "last" night in my proper room is "ruined" because of all of this...

I can't wait to go to HK and to move back to the 7th floor. It's gonna be grand, baby.

- Cecilie

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